Ecological SAFFRON (ECO) 1gr

Origin: Lezuza, D.O. Castilla la Mancha, Spain
Aprox. Weight: 1 gr.
Units.: 1
Minimum sale: Per unit

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  • Brand: Gourmet Noir
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Variety: Crocus Sativus
Ingredients: Crocus Sativus, limited annual harvest, guaranteeing therefore its freshness and quality.
Format: Gourmet jar.
Net weight: 1 gr.
Drained weight: 1 gr.

FIRST Ecological Saffron (ECO):
Referred to as "red gold", Lezuza's saffron, recognised by the experts as one of the best quality ones, holds Protected Designation of Origin "La Mancha", known worldwide for its triple guarantee: supreme quality in food safety, organoleptic features: colour, aroma and flavour; as well as its origin from Spain.

We sell it because it has a unique value, as the work involved when harvesting and cooking it is a whole precious experience within itself.

Use as coloring or dressing in soups, rice, fish, different types of meat and desserts.

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