GOURMET NOIR is the ideal place for quality gourmet foods.

Our philosophy is to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes as if we were the ones who wanted to buy and try these products, thereby, we always try to offer the best.

This adventure is born with the aim of providing excellent artisan products from those corners where they are made, and although we sometimes think we have them at hand, we do not really know the great variety of quality producers that exist and who produce their products following the most careful and meticulous traditional methods.

Thus, we focus on offering a wide range of gourmet products since many of the producers are not known and as a consequence, many of them want to make their magnificent products known in the Spanish peninsula and abroad. This project discovers and promotes these gastronomic jewels worldwide via our online store.

Our passion for food excellence motivates us day by day and makes us grow little by little. We listen to our customers and continually seek new gourmet treasures that transmit their legend.

We put at your disposal, in a very simple manner, a selected range of exquisite products. Contrary to what happens in many supermarkets, the food that you can buy in Gourmet Noir comes directly from the producer, which guarantees freshness and quality. 

A direct encounter with real and traditional flavours is sought, those that have vanished due to large supermarket areas and cheaper imports from other parts of the world offering food without taste, body or grace. Therefore it is important to offer the best products to our customers.

Gourmet Noir is constantly looking for yielders with their own produce as well as good, rich and healthy products, as in the early days. We also like to reward farmers and producers so that they receive a fair reward for their effort.

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