SIMBÒLIC EVOO (Box 6/8 units)

4983 (VAT included)

Origin: Spain
Expiration: 24 months
Approx. weight: 4 to 5,19 Kg.
Units per box: 6 to 8
Minimum sale: Per box



SIMBÒLIC is an extra virgin olive oil of the finest quality obtained from specialized Arbequina crops and produced in La Plana del Corb (Lleida, Spain).

It is a natural product of very high quality, balanced and smooth, with an acidity of only 0.08% (for the record: the “Extra” rating is asigned to olive oils with an acidity of less than or equal to 0.80%), carefully produced to preserve its flavors and gastronomic properties, all presented in a beautiful Delicatessen design.

In addition, the Arbequina variety, is appreciated for its softness by most palates.

Monovarietal variety extra virgin olive oil made from the best selection of Arbequina olives which confer a marked balance and an explosion of aromas and flavors.

It is aromatic and trasmits an intense fruity flavor of green grass and secondary aromas such as green almond and artichoke. The taste is slightly bitter and spicy, as well as sweet, while producing a feeling of high fluidity in the mouth.

Made from a selection of the best olive varieties and crops at the optimal vegetative moment. A fruit grown with dedication and care throughout the year, an early harvesting and a fast cold milling, all make it possible to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality which maintains its essence. It also organoleptically trasmits noted and balanced fruity green, apple, banana, bitter and spicy flavors, with a touch of fig and tomato.
It is mainly composed by the Arbequina, Koroneiki, and Arbosana olive varieties, within the proportions determined by the oleologist which are based on the characteristics of each variety and campaign, so as to guarantee the excellence of the product.

Arbequina variety:
This olive oil variety is aromatic, with an intense green grass fruity flavor and secondary aromas such as green almond and artichoke. It is slightly bitter and spicy, as well as sweet while producing a feeling of high fluidity in the mouth.

Koroneiki variety:
Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly appreciated for its high stability and good organoleptic characteristics. Its flavor is sweet with moderate spicy and bitter taste.
The aroma is fruity with an intense touch of almond, apple, banana and green grass.
Koroneiki olive provides the oil with a high content of oleic acid (76-80%).

Arbosana variety:
Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an astringent taste, with sweet, bitter and spicy flavors of medium-high intensity. Its aroma is fruity and allows you to recognize smells of freshly mowed grass, green almonds, tomatoes, nuts, artichokes and bananas.

The properties of this olive oil include its high content of oleic acid (74%). In addition, it has a high content of polyphenols and other compounds that make it resistant to oxidation. It is a very stable olive oil and it is resistant to rancidity.


Weight 4 kg

250 ml (8 units), 500 ml (6 units)


Arbequina, Coupage, Coupage with case


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