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Origin: Spain
Expiration: 3 months
Conservation: Cold 0 – 4ºC
Approx. weight: 1000 gr
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Units: 1
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Ingredients: Sturgeon loin, salt
Allergens: Contains fishing product
Presentation: Vacuum packaging
Expiration: 3 months, Temp.: Cold 0 – 4ºC

Please consult us for other cut sizes or weights.

Loins from sturgeon, served boneless, ready to cut and cook, prepared by our expert artisans.

It is white and juicy meat, with high-fat content, heart-healthy due to its high content of omega 3 and 6, veined throughout the piece, its body and texture accept all types of cooking, grilled or barbecued.

It is a handmade smoked loin without preservatives or colorants, ready to consume, presented in loins or pieces with skin, and when cut, it is a pink meat with a soft and juicy texture, with a fine natural smoke, which respects the flavor of the fish.

Know how the merging of time, effort, tradition, technique, and research can provide magnificent results. The Acipenser naccarii or Adriatic sturgeon, is an almost extinct species that we have managed to recover in captivity. With 250 million years of age, it is a living fossil, of slow growth.

Our pursuit for contrasted quality leads us to obtain, in 2001, for the first time worldwide, the organic sturgeon and caviar aquaculture certification.

All of our facilities are engaged in certified organic production. Today our certification is controlled by the most strict organic production European regulation.
That way, we have achieved the highest quality for the consumer, for the well-being of the sturgeons and for the environment. This is a deeply established philosophy within our company, now that since 1964 we thrive to obtain real excellence and quality.


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