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Origin: Spain
Expiration: 1 year, ambient temperature
Weight approx.: 30 gr.
Units: 1
Minimum sale: Per unit

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Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs, salt
Allergens: Contains fishing product
Presentation: Recharge pack with 30 gr.
Expiration: 1 year, ambient temperature

Pure caviar, which will bring feeling and personality to your creations. Prepared for sprinkling application, it will give an extraordinary and creative touch.

In Granada, Spain, we produce one of the best caviars in the world. Enjoy it!

Know how the merging of time, effort, tradition, technique, and research can provide magnificent results. The Acipenser naccarii sturgeon is a 250 million years old living fossil that we have managed to save from extinction on our fish farm. We raise this slow-growing species for an average of 18 years before harvesting the caviar, which is full of nuances in flavor and color.

Its color is usually pearl grey, but it can be produced with different reflections. We guarantee that our caviar is so fresh that these subtle nuances are not masked by preservatives, time, or excess salt.

We have carried out a readjustment of the “Mallosol” process of Russian origin, consisting in adding a little salt, approximately between 3 and 4%. The taste is rich in nuances, silky and tender to a serious and elegant palate with a certain aroma of sea breeze. Its long-lasting aftertaste will reveal a slight sweetness that will invite you to continue tasting it.

“Pusieron asimismo un manjar negro, que dicen que se llama ‘cabial’, y es hecho de huevos de pescado, gran despertador de la colambre.”

El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. Miguel de Cervantes (1605).



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